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Reply to the lies of Dai Zhi Qiang (Jon Dyer) by Dr Stephen Yan (Yan Zi Yuan)

When I first came back from China this year I answered several questions online, but since then had not looked at the English Martial Arts forums for some time. I was first told about a post containing a nasty personal attack after it had been online for a few days. I have since read my former Tudi (disciple) Mr Jon Dyer’s article titled “Addressing Dr Stephen Yan – Unfortunately”.

It seems the underlying reason for these posts is that Mr Jon Dyer wishes to establish an organization around Dai Xin Yi not associated with me. It may be to make money, or fame, but either way he has taken me as a barrier to achieve this purpose. To do this he thinks he needs to be Master Yan L C’s successor, needs to be a teaching certificate holder, and needs to be Master Yan’s sole representative. This is quite amazing, as according to a very recent conversation between Master Yan LC and myself, he said that he hasn’t even heard from this person or his associate for nearly a year. Not even a call for Chinese New Year!

Both Jon Dyer and Master Yan (if everything Mr Dyer says can be believed) also seem to constantly forget that Master Yan himself led the ceremony for Jon Dyer to become my Tudi (As per the photos below). Now it is claimed this broke the rules and am not ready even to teach – and yet Master Yan was there in the ceremony of me taking a Dai Xin Yi disciple? How can this be?

Jon Dyer BaiShi ceremony1 Jon Dyer Baishi Ceremony 2 - Master Yan in middle


Below I address Mr Dyers Blog. The following links can be used to skip to sections that deal with specific attacks Mr Dyer stated in his Blog and on the forum threads that followed.

Response to My Meeting with Dan Brooks As Falsely Presented By Mr Jon Dyer

About Master Yan Long Chang

More on Mr Jon Dyer

Addressing the other individual points in the 'Blog'

Response to My Meeting with Dan Brooks As Falsely Presented By Mr Jon Dyer

Regarding my meeting with Dan Brooks, as unfortunately it seems that Mr. Jon Dyer’s memory is suffering (which may also explain the issues he has with forms he has learnt):


Mr. Jon Dyer told me at that time that he and Dan met a couple of times prior to Dan coming into my training room in my office. Now he insinuates that the meeting at my office was their first meeting.


Mr. Jon Dyer also wrote as if Dan had ‘just came to meet him’ (at the time Mr. Jon Dyer was having a private Kung Fu lesson from me), but for no other purpose.


The fact was Dan called me a day before coming to my office, and told me on the phone that he had won the NZ and Hong Kong Championships, and just had training in Tailand and Japan etc. At that time, I wasn’t sure why he told me that, but I didn't really pay it too much attention, as I thought it was just someone who wanted to introduce themselves. Since I don't do or follow Muay Tai, I was not overly interested.


The next day he appeared in the training room while I was giving Mr. Jon Dyer a Kung-Fu lesson, and after Mr. Jon Dyer introduced Dan, I recalled that he was the guy whom phoned me the day before. Dan came with his Japanese girl friend.


Dan started to express that he wanted to try me on. I then realised that Mr. Jon Dyer might have asked him to come specifically to try me out. Due to Dan said to me the day before, I was of course a bit cautious, so I let Jon Dyer have some light sparring with him first. Soon I could see Dan's moves, and I had somethings in mind from Xin Yi 6 Harmony, so I let him try on me. According to Mr Dyer I was too rough for Dan. Perhaps I was, though it was Dan who wanted to try me out.


Now we come to where Mr. Jon Dyer's statement of events diverges drastically from the facts, regarding the MuayThai Clinch and kneeling, which can be dealt with using Wu Tai Chi. To this day anyone is welcome to try this on me in my classes at any time, even though I am advancing in years!


I let Dan Clinch on me and attempt to knee me (classic MuayThai technique), just he lifts his knee, I twisted his body and dropped him to the ground. He wanted to try again and the same thing happened. At that point HE THEN EXPRESSED an interest in learning kung fu and I invited him to come to my classes, but he never came to my classes at any point.


So now, only once Mr. Jon Dyer is promoting his own organisation around Dai Xin Yi and many years after the event in question (through which Mr Dyer continued to train as my student) he is saying that my techniquefailed miserably…… tried to scratch Dan's eyes…… looked like a fish out of water, what an ugly lie!


Not very long after this event, Master Yan came to New Zealand, and I told him about what happened with the Muay Tai guy. Some of my early disciples, Gerald, and Tony, were also there. I even let Gerald and Tony clinch on my neck to demonstrate the situation. (Gerald is still training with me to this day, Tony whom I gave to be Master Yan’s direct disciple later on moved to Greece).


Dan is still around, Master Yan is still alive, and so I suggest Mr. Dyer checks again with Dan or Master Yan. (If it didn’t work, why would I use Gerald, and Tony to demonstrate for Master Yan? Why is this something I demonstrate in my Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes to this day as an application and all my students can try on me and each other?) 


It seems that either Mr. Jon Dyer has a confused memory, (which may explain his stated difficulty in not remembering most forms I taught him correctly), or for some reason made up this lie purposely.


Just think if I failed when Dan clinched my neck and tried to knee me, how could I have the face to invite him to my big class to learn Kung-Fu?


Mr Jon Dyer would have you believe that Dan was simply a compliant partner, wanting to show me face. Just to remind people, Mr. Jon Dyer and Dan had arranged that time to meet (in my office when Mr Dyer was doing Kung Fu training), Dan called me the day before talking about his Championships, and yet Mr Dyer pretends it was just a friend meeting another friend! Why did they not meet in other place other time (like after training)? If it was not Dan who wanted to try me out, why would I ask Mr Dyer to do a spar with that Muay Tai champion?


Mr. Jon Dyer is free to refresh his memory with Dan, and I would suggest that rather than me being in a world of hurt, Mr Dyer will discover he is in a world of lies!


Now about David Stella, Mr Dyer specifically says in his “blog” that no such competition ever happened! I have posted the winning photos from the competition (and repeated below). A picture is worth a thousand words!


When I teach free sparring I take techniques from Bei Shao Liu, Tai chi, XYLH etc and mix them together for the fighter. So surely there can be nothing wrong to say they use techniques from those styles when they fight and win in free sparring competitions?

David Stella's Competition win David Stella Victory against MTai


It is a sad day to see so many nasty lies from Mr. Jon Dyer presented as facts to the public after he was disowned by me formally last week.


I wonder why it is necessary to spread so many nasty lies, even if his purpose is to promote his new organisation with no links to me, his teaching certificate in Dai Xin Yi, and perhaps to make money, it is easily possible to reach this purpose without such things! Although perhaps he would not gain as much attention without the personal attacks on me?


I wonder if one day Mr. Jon Dyer finds he still can't make proper progress, he would put the same sort of ‘blog’ out about Master Yan LC?

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About Master Yan Long Chang (Yan L. C).


Master Yan is one of the best masters in Dai Xin Yi, but that is not to say he is best of all my masters.


I started to learn from him in 1995, now 14 years passed, looking back all those years. He kindly taught me everything he knew in Dai Xin Yi. Only two things that he told me he didn’t learn are Dai spear and Dian Xue Jue (pressure point striking weapon), which late on I learned from another person of master Yan’s same generation.


It is a tradition for XYLHQ to be taught in three stages :


To learn the art and build up internal power is stage one.


To explain all of the applications and theory etc is the second stage.


There is a traditional saying: “ 不是成手不开讲”, it means that if a practitioner are not mature enough with The skill, then he shouldn’t have it explained. But at this stage, even a lot of skilled and mature practitioners wouldn’t have gotten all the explanations by their masters due to their conservativeness.


So most skilled and mature practitioners are stuck at the first stage, even though late on they became masters themselves, and some of these stage one masters tried to make guesses by themselves around stage two. There is a old saying in China: “even though you might be more clever than Yan Hui (whom was confushe’s best disciple), don’t make a hard guess if you haven’t met the right master.”


The third stage is all about fighting strategies and methods. This includes how to move in when you face skilled strong opponents. In Chinese, it is called “ Jin Yi 进意”. Those Jin Yi have been the spirit of XYLHQ since its birth. It has been the tradition that only a few people could be chosen to get taught this in each generation.


Grand Master Ma Meng Luo said once, If Jing Yi is not taught to you, it would be much less effective when you face a strong opponent, regardless how hard you practise XYLHQ even to the degree that you wearing off your legs by hard practice.


Master Yan L.C. has good power when he delivers his fist. But he surprised me one day when we tried a light spar, and he didn’t even know how to move in. when I showed him what I learned how to move in from my early XYLHQ masters: Grand Master Ji Jin Shan, and Li Zen Si (not showing him the other and perhaps best jin yi from my luoyang  xylhq master MA hongxian and Zhao kou Yang xiang lin’s JIN YI yet), he was already quite surprised.


I remembered on another occasions. I wanted film down some applications of the Dai Xin Yi. Master Yan said “ok”. He used the way that he did with his martial art brothers like Li Xue Ning etc. to demonstrate on me. But when I questioned his application, he said to me: “if you don’t think that they will work, you can try to use your skill to defend my attacks, and see if they work or not”. I agreed. When he tried to use his application and deliver his power, they were either neutralised, or intercepted, and it ended up with Master Yan Long Chang throwing himself out.


There were several other occasions as well. I never told my students of these things, but now, I am forced to put these facts out. Mr Jon Dyer has said that my teaching is useless, its all rubbish, I have no skills, and I taught it all wrong. If Jon Dyer accusation are correct, then what would Master Yan be in Jon Dyer’s eyes since Master Yan was throwing himself out when trying on a person whose skill was called rubbish in Mr. Jon Dyers claim?


In Mr. Jon Dyer’s blog, he said that what he learned in one year of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, was more effective than all the years he learned from me. My question to this claim is: if Jon Dyer is correct, then why did he still carry on learning from me for another several years after doing this BJJ? Infact he continued right up until he wanted to be seen as Master Yan’s representative or successor? Just like over 12 years ago, if I failed to defeat Mr. Brook’s Muy Tai Clinich and kneeling, why would he carry on learning from me for so many years?


I remembered on several occasions Mr. Jon Dyer would have private lessons from me right after he had Jiu Jitsu lessons. He often would show me the new technique he learned in the Jiu Jitsu lessons. Just for fun, I would ask him to try to apply these Jiu Jitsu techniques on me, and I would show him how to defeat the attacks. Mr, Jon Dyer should clearly remember all those occasions. Now, Mr. Jon Dyer has said: “my skills are all rubbish.” I know his real purpose in saying this is to try to tell people that what he is teaching is direct from Master Yan L.C and would be therefore more effective. I have no problem with whatever claims he wishes to make of this nature, so why does he feel the need to lie about my skills? He has tried so hard to make up stories, is it really necessary?


As to Master Yan L.C, I finished learning the last thing he knew from Dai Xin Yi, “Er Mei Ci” way back in 2000. But I still respected him and supported him, sending money to set up a telephone line for his home (at that time in China, it cost me several thousands Chinese RMB) and sending money for some of his other special needs. I even progressed from sending him money on his birthday and Chinese new year each year, to gradually sending him money every month (one thousand Yuan per month) as to show my appreciation to him (I could not send more, as I also have other masters to look after) and I told him it is my life time commitment regardless whether my Tudi contribute or not.


Unfortunately Master Yan became a bit impatient with these regular monthly payments, as he wanted some big money, and he felt that he is already in his advanced age, so he needed to get rich quickly. He mentioned to me to buy a house inside the city of Qi Country in 2006, but it was beyond what my capability. I remembered in 1996, I decided to give him a car that at the time was worth 150,000 Chinese Yuan. Just when Master Yan L.C sent his brother to Shanghai to take the car, (at that time I was back to N.Z and so I had left the car with my brother in law), the car was stolen.


Master Yan L.C expressed that he would like to bring his wife to come to N.Z for a holiday. I agreed, and got them to N.Z in January 2007, and they lived with me for 6 months.


I also let him give some teachings to my two disciples as a reward for their contributions to the monthly money to Master Yan and the air ticket for that time he came to N.Z.


For the first several months, we didn’t seem to have any problems, even though Master Yan tried talking to me a number of times in an effort to get me to invest in a big truck for his family to do core transportation. I don’t have that kind of money, as I got a big mortgage etc to pay. But I still raised 5,000N.Z dollars for him, two thousand of which was directly from my own pocket. later on I called lots of my former students to come to our demonstration and raised over $2,000 N.Z dollars more for him.

But strange things started to happen in his last month of staying with me. Somehow behind my back, my two disciples who practiced Dai Xin Yi (Evan and Jon) started to set up an organisation of Dai Xin Yi with Master Yan L.C. I was only told when they did almost everything. This is not the tradition. My question was that as Master Yan was my guest in NZ and would be going back to China, the chairperson of the organisation obviously couldn’t be him, so then who would it be? Why did they do it behind me, and try to tell me instead of discussing or asking? So I told Master Yan that I am not keen to promote one XYLHQ style, as I like to preserve the whole art of XYLHQ as a culture.


Perhaps Master Yan is wanting to have more students, so he can make more money, and since I showed no interest in promoting one style to make money, things started to turn complicated. Master Yan told a lot of personal topics from my past private life to my wife, my father etc, and some private conversations from the early days were spread to my students. However I still asked my nine months pregnant wife to take Master Yan and his wife shopping to buy them gifts on the day they were leaving NZ. At the time I was working in my clinic. Master Yan told my wife about women from my past and made up a story saying that I was seeing woman in the office in the weekend etc. Master Yan told my wife not to tell me and that he had said it because, “it is for her own good ……”


Not knowing about this I took Master Yan L.C and his wife to the Airport. Jon Dyer and his family took the same flight to Auckland for a holiday. In the airport, I gave Master Yan some more money. Jon Dyer said that he didn’t want to give any more money. Master Yan L.C saw his situation, and said to me “foreigners is still foreigners, can’t be like Chinese...”. Then he hugged me and said: Thank you for bringing me again to N.Z. I was a little surprised as he didn’t cry at that time, as normally Master Yan would cry in such situations, which had touched me many times in the past. Later on I realised that the reason he couldn’t cry, was that he had already stabbed me hard in my back that morning by what he said to my 9 month pregnant wife.


Of course I found out about what he said when I returned home. So after one call to him immediately about it, I didn’t talk again to Master Yan for a long time as I was still angry for what he did behind me. Even earlier this year when I was in PingYao (near Master Yan’s village) investigating another HeNan XYLH branch, I didn’t go to visit Master Yan L.C.


Early this March, I received a call from Mr Jon Dyer. I asked: “what can I do for you?” He said: “just want to say hello.” At the time I was busy in the office, so could not talk.


The same day as Jon Dyer called I saw the first attack in the Chinese Martial Arts Forum from Evan (my now former Tudi), who along with Jon, claim to be the two holders of Master Yan’s teaching certificate. Then a Russian guy followed continually saying that: “Stephen Yan doesn’t have any real skills.”


I was amazed that three of them ganged up to attack me, and yet Jon Dyer still could smile in front of me with such a phone call. Evan is the other senior student of mine that Jon refers to about backing up his blog.


I called Master Yan L.C immediately. He said to me “I don’t know, I haven’t heard from Evan and Jon for nearly a year, not even during Chinese New Year. I never accepted them as my disciples (as to the tradition, accepting grant disciples as his disciple is a serious offence to Chinese Martial Art tradition), I only gave them some instruction as grant teacher.


Later on I saw the photos of Master Yan accepting Jon Dyer as his disciple.  Jon Dyer has also said that when the grant Master is still alive, I shouldn’t accept any disciples. He does however forget to mention that Mater Yan was actually leading the ceremony when I accepted Jon Dyer as my disciple. So between Jon Dyer and Master Yan L.C one of them is lying about who broke the tradition!


When Master Yan and I talked about our problems, he said: “he was heart broken as he thought that since I had learned all his skill and no longer needed him, then I kicked him away.” I told him that thinking was very wrong. I told him that I had already sacrificed one family for him (my son and my son’s mother in 1998 in order to bring him out at that time); and I could not let people do it to me again.


Then he said: “you told me teacher and student are like father and son, now I did something wrong regarding you and your wife’s relationship, how could you choose your wife and not me?” I was shocked to hear that, what a selfish man! I put phone down. Then I wrote a letter to Evan and a copy to Jon Dyer, and told them that they were disowned by me.


A week later, Mr Jon Dyer posted his blog with his disgusting personal slander against me.

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More on Mr Jon Dyer

It seems that Mr Jon Dyer is still confused and mixed up regarding facts and his own mind – something that seems to have been a problem for him ever since I have known him as a student more than 13 years ago. He has written that I “carry excessive girth”. As people can see the photos that I posted regarding my recent trip to China taken earlier this year, this is clearly a lie (as was his statements I addressed earlier about no such competition in November 2005 with David Stella, having been a student of mine for 3 years at the time, and omitting that Master Yan was present and in fact leading his ceremony to become my disciple – which supposedly breaks Master Yan’s rules). I have trained David Stella to a number of successful Sanshou Tournaments with the most memorable being his Championship win for the Australasian Title in 2005. He is still training with me and helps in both big class and small group training


Mr Jon Dyer lied about my meeting with Dan Brook. He lied about my knowledge of Xin Yi and would have you believe that a forward stance (hu bu) somehow has a 50/50 weight distribution. Anyone with even the slightest knowledge of physics let alone Martial Arts would know this is impossible!


Jon Dyer has also lied regarding my students “building my house” for me. My house was built by a team of professional builders. My indoor students have only helped me to set up my garden. They received teaching for free at the time and free for many years since. Some may have since stopped coming to lessons with me (as is common throughout the Martial Arts world) but that is not due to me breaking my promise with them! Interestingly enough, several times when Jon Dyer was paying for private lessons and he arrived whole I was working in my garden; he would say “why don’t you ask your students to do it?” He is trying to sound like he cares about others, when this is obviously not true.


In Mr. Jon Dyer’s blog, he said that what he learned in one year of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, was more effective than all the years he learned from me. My question to this claim is: if Jon Dyer is correct, then why did he still carry on learning from me for another several years after doing this BJJ? Infact he continued right up until he wanted to be seen as Master Yan’s representative or successor? Just like over 12 years ago, if I failed to defeat Mr. Brook’s Muy Tai Clinich and kneeling, why would he carry on learning from me for so many years?


I remembered on several occasions Mr. Jon Dyer would have private lessons from me right after he had Jiu Jitsu lessons. He often would show me the new technique he learned in the Jiu Jitsu lessons. Just for fun, I would ask him to try to apply these Jiu Jitsu techniques on me, and I would show him how to defeat the attacks. Mr, Jon Dyer should clearly remember all those occasions. Now, Mr. Jon Dyer has said: “my skills are all rubbish.” I know his real purpose in saying this is to try to tell people that what he is teaching is direct from Master Yan L.C and would be therefore more effective. I have no problem with whatever claims he wishes to make of this nature, so why does he feel the need to lie about my skills? He has tried so hard to make up stories, is it really necessary?

Addressing the other individual points from the ‘Blog’

Regarding Mr Jon Dyer and Evan having Dai Xin Yi Teaching Certificates:


As I wrote in Chinese forum, even Master Yan Long Chang has not got a certificate from his teacher, but of course Master Yan still teaches. So to me it is funny, because such a certificate really means nothing.



Regarding the initial attacks on the Chinese forum, and the Russian contribution:


After the initial attack on me in the Chinese Martial Arts forums, I put a formal letter to Evan and asked him to forward a copy to Mr. Jon Dyer as well to tell them that they are removed from the list of my indoor students (disciples).


From this point on, a Russian guy started to also attack me in the Chinese form. He has said he is a Dai Xin Yi student, so he must have become a student of Master Yan LC in the last two years.


In 2007 while Master Yan was living with me in NZ, we started to promote him. I wrote articles in the Chinese martial art forum, while Mr. Jon Dyer wrote articles in the Empty flower forum (now Rum Soaked Fist). Mr Jon Dyer told me that there was a Russian guy who expressed an interest to learn, so I told Master Yan.


Later on, Mr. Jon Dyer said that he wanted to organise some overseas people to go to Master Yan’s place in China, from which he could making some income too and help Master Yan. I told him “It is a good idea, you need income too, so go ahead, I support you”. Later on the Russian guy went to Master Yan’s place with Mr. Jon Dyer. They didn’t tell me the details of this, and I didn’t bother to ask.


After the initial attacks online, and after I responded by putting out some facts (I still have the information), then the Russian guy kept quiet. The following day they withdraw the nasty posts.


Now however Mr. Jon Dyer has jumped out to attack me by telling lots of stories.


I would like to go one by one to point out the untruthful things he wrote.


Jon Dyer has claimed he represents Master Yan LC when he speaks in his blog, but Master Yan said to me only a few weeks ago on the phone that he never asked him to do that.


Jon Dyer said he called Master Yan LC last year and on Chinese New Year. In the same phone conversation, Master Yan said that Mr Jon Dyer hadn’t called in over a year! It seems that someone is telling lies here – so who is it?



As an excuse to start these lies on his blog, Mr. Jon Dyer wrote: “Since my name has been brought up in this discussion……”


This is an attempt to give him some supposed authority and justification for his lies. However I never bothered to bring up his name in any online discussion prior to that time, so why is Jon saying this?



Mr. Jon Dyer wrote: “I was always told that Dr. Yan was Yan LC’s successor and his only student…… ”


This is true in that this was also what Master Yan LC told me many times. This has never been a big issue for me though, so if he since changed his mind and is saying something different, it is his problem, not mine. Although interestingly enough in the Chinese forum, someone called “Bin Huo” has claimed that he talked to Master Yan who said: Master Yan had originally chosen Dr. Yan to be his successor…… but now his heart was broken……


I started to learn from Master Yan in 1995, by then, he told me he taught some students before. They were all a disappointment to him, so he no longer had any students, he wasn’t even teaching his own son any more. When he first came to NZ and lived with me for six months I, as a matter of fact, suggested that he should teach some students in china as well.



Mr. Jon Dyer wrote: “upon arriving in ShanXi, I met several of master Yan’s students……    Talk about adjusting the facts to suit his lies!


The first time I took Mr. Jon Dyer to China, we only met one student, not “several”, plus the one we met was Master Yan’s recent new student, which Master Yan had never mentioned to me. This is certainly a case of Jon Dyer taking the truth and twisting it completely only to serve his purpose and attempt to seem credible, without giving all the facts!


When I took Mr. Jon Dyer the second time to see Master Yan LC, we didn’t meet any of Master Yan LC’s students, not even the one we met on the first visit.



Mr. Jon Dyer wrote: “this is a big surprise to me as I had been told from Dr... Yan that he was not interested in accepting any students .”


This paragraph is very funny, In 1998, before Master Yan went back to China, I not only suggested that he teach new students when he went back, I also introduced my own student Tony to be Master Yan’s direct disciple. So how could I have told Jon Dyer that “he was not interested in accepting any students,” when he took my student as a new disciple??


Master Yan asked me to get him more students on his second trip, which I said to him: “OK”. I started to promote him in the Chinese martial art forums, and Mr. Jon Dyer started to promote him in the English martial art forums. I also provided Mr. Jon Dyer lots of old photos for this purpose.



Mr. Jon Dyer says quite a lot around the editing of Master Yan’s videos for youtube etc.


To clarify what actually happened, The editing of Master Yan’s video was all discussed with Master Yan before the time I had the conversations around editing with Jon Dyer (Master Yan knows nothing about editing video etc). At the time the intention of the video, as stated by Master Yan, was for Jon Dyer to film down something for his reference, he never mentioned about putting it on You-Tube. 



Mr. Jon Dyer wrote: “(Dr Yan) told him to promise him, he would not let    anyone take any more video……” 


This is untrue. Due to the fact Mr. Jon Dyer had asked Master Yan to videoed down something without any warning, Master Yan didn’t have an opportunity to prepare for it. As a result he had taken the wrong stick and the wrong broad sword with him at the time. Even when he performed these two weapons, he had missed some movements, so I said to him that showing that performance with these weapons would make people think that we are not serious (being the wrong shape and type of weapons). If we want to put videos to the public, we should do properly, so do it right from beginning. As Mr. Jon Dyer had already put the video on You-Tube, and realising that he did not get things down properly, Master Yan decided not to be filmed for a while (this was his own decision, how could I stop him from taking video if he wanted to, as Jon seems to imply?)



On Master Yan LC not recognising what I taught Mr Jon Dyer:


As usual Jon Dyer often confuses himself, and then seeks to blame someone else. I taught him three warm up methods. The first one was from MAI ZHUANG TU’s XYLHQ, called “chao dan tian” which means “rotate dan tian”. The Second was called “mo jin mo jin’ from Dai xinyi , and the third is called ‘xuan zhuan’ also from Dai xin yi. Mr Jon Dyer forgot that the first one was from the Henan xin yi, and showed Master Yan LC. Since Master Yan never learned any Henan Xin Yi, of course he would say the first one was not right (Jon Dyer at the time confused himself, and thought the first one was also mo jin mo jin). In a similar example of his confusion regarding Xin Yi, Jon Dyer used the term “zhong jie jin” in his blog, and thought that it is a term used in Dai xinyi, but this term is only used in MAI ZHUANG TU’s XYLHQ. It seems that once again Jon Dyer forgot what I had told him before.



On Jon Dyer not doing Dai Xin Yi correctly:


If Jon Dyer didn’t practise according to my instruction, or failed to correct his practice, then it is his own problem. My principle in teaching has always been to tell my students what I know truthfully and correctly, but I am not responsible for them if they are consistently not able to do it the way that I have instructed and corrected them.


When it comes to different Kung-Fu styles, especially NeiJar systems, I am very clear about their measurements and don’t get them mixed. All my students know that, however Mr. Jon Dyer just wanted  some excuses for himself to assist with his self promotion.


I practised together with Master Yan every morning when we got up, and often at night as well during his six months living with me in 2007. Master Yan checked everything I did in Dai Xin Yi, and I remember that only two movements needed to have some corrections. Master Yan had no problem with my Dai Xin Yi, and certainly did not think it was rubbish! Now if Mr. Jon Dyer got confused and was unable to remember what exactly he learned from me, then it is his problem.



Jon Dyers lack of knowledge of Xin Yi:


Jon dyer has said that “shen fa” is a Dai Xinn Yi tade mark, and that no other Xin Yi has this. This is incorrect! As I showed Master Yan I have some video of one XYLHQ branch in SHICHUAN, (also called JIN JAR GONG), that also has shen fa. HENAN xinyi, especially MAI ZHUANG TU’s XYLHQ all has it, such as demonstrated by Master Yang Shi Jie. I even showed Master Yan that the same “bu fa” was done by Mai zhuang tu’s great grandson’s master Mai gui sheng. That is why they talk a lot about “zhong jie jin”.



Mr. Jon Dyer wrote in his blog that what I taught him is rubbish, “It was not the money I had spent……for future training”,


This is a nasty accusation. Mr. Jon Dyer knows that he often forgot what I taught him, so always came back for repeating previous lessons. He often told me that he was bored at home, and wanted to come and train with me. From my good will, I let him train together with me (Once Master Yan had told me: you can teach, but don’t let your students see how you train, unless you absolutely trust that student! My mistake I guess!). Also, often one hour paid lessons would exceed two hours, but Jon Dyer only paid for one hour. (Of note, I don’t charge my disciples, but at that time Mr. Jon Dyer wasn’t accepted as my disciple). It seems to me that actually my time was wasted in training a person like Mr. Dyer, seeing as he keep on needing to repeat all the lessons so often.



Mr. Jon Dyer wants to suggest that it is some problem that I practice different XYLHQ styles. I have done a lot of research into various Martial Arts, and I am very thorough. I won’t mix them up, as my purpose is to save each as a culture and history distinct though linked together. As Jon Dyer knows little to nothing about the differences between these arts however, it is not really worth effort trying to discuss this with him.


In jon dyer’s blog , he wrote : “when I confronted Dr. Yan as to why the huge difference in how he had taught me, he acted very nervous……”,


Mr. Jon Dyer never asked me anything about any differences between what I have taught and Master Yan’s teaching, even when Master Yan was in NZ. So why would I “acted nervous…” supposedly after he left?


Now I have said many times to Mr. Jon Dyer that he had built up a strong root, even though he often confused moves that I taught him. I said the same thing before Master Yan came, and when Master Yan was in NZ. Mr Jon Dyer is now trying to suggest that I was in some way trying to cover my self for teaching him wrongly!




On Teaching Dai Xin Yi:


Master Yan never told me that I was not ready to teach Dai Xin Yi Quan as Mr Dyer would have you believe. So while I am not actually enthusiastic on teaching it yet, it looks like Jon Dyer’s real concern for his Dai Xin Yi organisation and teaching certificate is that I will teach Dai Xin Yi outside of his organisation. It seems he feels the need to discredit me, perhaps to try and tell people they can only learn the correct style from him? I find that very funny! As I have shown by posting the photos of the event, Master Yan LC even participated in the ceremony of Mr. Jon Dyer becoming my disciple in Dai Xin Yi! If Master Yan thought I was not ready to teach Dai Xin Yi, why would he lead the ceremony for Mr Dyer to become my student?



On Dai Xin Yi tradition of accepting Tudi:


Now we come to the Tudi business, where Mr. Jon Dyer said that I broke the Dai tradition when I accepted him as my Tudi, (because Master Yan is still alive). How funny, that Master Yan himself participated in this very ceremony that supposedly broke the rules!


If we look back at Master Yan’s teacher Yue Gui Ning, we can see that Grand Master Yue started to accept Tudi as early as the 1930s, even though his Master Dai Kui died in the 1950s! So who is telling lies here?


Mr. Jon Dyer followed me for many years before becoming by disciple. The reason I hesitated to accept him as a disciple was because I only wanted to keep a simple relationship with him, which was: you pay me to get lessons, I teach, and nothing else. I had asked him if he wanted to be allowed to become Master Yan’s Tudi, but at that time he said “No”, he wanted to become my Tudi, Now I find he has sought only to abuses this relationship.



On Combat Applications:


It is a lie again saying that I taught him “little combat applications”. I explain every movement’s combat application(s), this is my way to teach all Martial Arts, and every one of my students knows it. If the student chooses not to practice these applications outside of class or lessons, it does not mean I do not teach them! (And anyone is welcome to come to my class to see this for themselves).



Mr Jon Dyer said in his blog that what he said could be backed up by my former students. He then proceeded to have his current student James, and a person called Jeremy (a former sales person for Jon’s associate Evan, who is the co founder of Jon Dyer’s Dai Xin Yi organisation) to try to back him up. This was all pre planned with the attack which was started by Evan on the Chinese forums, even though they tried to pretend their meeting on the English forums was accidental! Considering their relationship, I am sure anyone reading this is able to make their own assessment about how accidental that could have been.



 Enemies on the Chinese Forums and Martial Arts World:


Mr jon dyer wrote in the forum that I had lots of enemies in the Chinese martial art forum and this caused “ huge embarrassment to himself”, and that this is a problem for him setting up his Dai Xin Yi teaching (therefore revealing his true purpose in these attacks!). It’s funny that just when he wrote those comments, the official Chinese martial art forum authority put a list of peoples’s names whom they wished to give a big thanks to and say that these people listed have made a great contribution to XYLHQ and it’s history… 


Yes, I might have made some enemies in the Chinese martial arts forum, as I put a lot of facts out which adversely affected some people (YU hua long, shun you hen etc). I also put the facts out showing that the tom table stone was a fake one, in which a village claims not only their ancestor LI ZI QI was THE FOUNDER of  xylhq AND liu he spear, but LI ZI QI was also the ancestor of HK’s richest man MR LI JAR CHEN.


When I pointed out all those facts, those people who where affected used lots of pseudo names (one person used nearly 25 different names) to swear at me with lots of low class dirty language. I don’t of course pay much attention to those low class people, and have never felt the need to be embarrassed by their use low class language. Why should putting out the facts ever be something to be embarrassed about?


Those people not only used all that bad language, but they also threatened me by saying that if I go to China, they will beat me up! Well, earlier this year I was in SHANGHAI, and I announced which days that I would be in which parks on the Chinese martial arts forum. I practised for three days in the parks and none of those people appeared. So why should anyone be embarrassed other than them?


Mr Jon Dyer also mentioned a couple of times that there is a Chinese article that I have written which in his eyes has something not right in it. Why does Mr Jon Dyer not post this on the forums to let people read it? Many people on the forums understand Chinese; why so shy not post it, or is he worried it will reveal just another lie of his?

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