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This page will soon feature more information about classes offered by Stephen in Xin Yi Liu He which is among the oldest and most "closed door" of the 'internal' martial arts.

Any student, whether new or well versed in Chinese Martial Arts is welcome to contact Stephen for more information.

Stephen's Xin Yi Liu He Chuan Lineage

Mai Zhuang Tu Xin Yi Liu He Chuan (Mai Zhuang Tu’s Heart/Intent, 6 Harmonies Style).

Stephen has followed the most prominent masters of this Xin Yi Liu He Chuan branch, being a top student of Li Zun Si, Wang Su Wen and Ma Gui Long. Stephen has also trained with Master Bai and Master Liu to enhance his knowledge and mastery of Mai’s Xin Yi Liu He Chuan, including both empty hands and weaponry.

Pictoral Lineage
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Videos of Master Li Zun Si, please click the link below.

Si Ba 1 Si Ba 2 Si Ba 3 Si Ba 4 Si Ba 5

Yao Sian Ba

Dan Ba

Hu Bao Tau


Dai Shi Xin Yi Liu He Chuan (Dai family Heart/Intent, 6 Harmonies Style)

In 1995 it was either by sudden coincidence but likely fate that Stephen happened to meet the leading Grand Master of Dai Xin Yi Liu He Chuan, Grand Master Yan Rong Chang. Grand Master Yan was the leading Master in Qi county, Shanxi province who possesses unquestionable knowledge and skill. In time and after much hard work Grand Master Yan chose Stephen has since ensured the Dai family system and the precious knowledge it contains lives on with Stephen.

Pictoral Lineage
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Luoyang Xin Yi Liu He Chuan also known as Ma Xing’s Xin Yi Liu He Chuan.

Xin Yi’s second birth place (first being Yong Ji Shanxi province) was Luoyang in the Hernan province, this is where Ma Xueli taught his 3 exceptional students, Ma Xing, Ma San Yuan and Zhang Zhi Chen. Ma San Yuan’s lineage has now sadly died out.  Mai Zhuang  Tu’s system is one of the most famous ones in Zhang Zhi Chen’s lineage. Ma Xing stayed in Luoyang and continued to pass down his art.

Luoyang Xin Yi Liu He Chuan is very conservative, being almost completely unknown to the outside world. Stephen was fortunate to have had a chance to meet and host to New Zealand, Grand Master Ma Hong Xian, the leading expert in the style who is still alive today. In time he entrusted Stephen to carry on his lineage, and named Stephen his successor. During this visit, Jon Dyer, one of Stephen’s long time students, had the opportunity to learn directly from Grand Master Ma and upon his leaving New Zealand also granted Jon disciple status.

Pictoral Lineage
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Stephen was also able to learn the Tang Wan Yi branch of Xin Yi Liu He during his time with Master Ji JinSan. Master Ji was taught by Xie ZhiDong. The Tang Wan Yi branch is descended from the Ma Xing family of Xin Yi Liu He.
In fact Stephen is the only person in history to have had the opportunity to learn all 3 complete branches of Xin Yi Liu He Chuan and also the only person to have been taught by all the leading experts in these arts. Apart from passing down the empty handed forms, weaponry and so on, the Masters have presented Stephen with the associated Chuan Pu. Chuan Pu are known as the ancient and treasured texts which reveal key points, theory, applications, and so forth for each style. Chuan Pu are usually written in a poetic form of expression.

All these events have lead to the unification of this knowledge and have reinforced Stephen’s belief that it is his fate to devote his life to the preservation and maintenance of this ancient knowledge. In doing so he accepts the huge responsibility to carry on these arts and feels privileged to be able to share his knowledge with truly diligent students.

Stephen is at this present time writing a book entitled “A Journey of Xin Yi Liu He Chuan”, in which he shares his life’s research into these arts and their history.

The following is a recent article written by Stephen about Grand Master Li. The article is translated into english on this page (click here).


Below are some clips of Dr. Yan performing Liang Ji Guin during the First National Xin Yin Liu He Copetition held in Hernan Province 2000.

Dr Yan won First place in the Weapons Division.

Movie 1

Movie 2

Xin Yi Liu He Chuan Weapons

The following is an article about the Xin Yi Liu He chuan weapon known as the Chicken Sickle Saber (Jī Dāo Lián).

Jī Dāo Lián (Chicken Saber Sickles)


In the future more information about Xin Yi Liu He Chuan styles, weapons and philosophy will be included. Please visit again soon for more updates!

Yours truly,

Stephen Yan

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