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Chicken Saber Sickle

This weapon is considered to be a specialty of ZhouKou (West side of the lake)Xin Yi Liu He Chuan.

The saber is known as the Jī Zhua Jian Lián (Chicken Spur Double edged Hook Sword). The weapon itself is double bladed like a Jian but is equiped with a "Chicken Spur " and a hooked tip. The "spur" is in imitation of the rear claw of a chicken foot. There are variations of this weapon in many styles but those used outside of Xin Yi Liu He Chuan are usually shorter and with more pronounced spurs or hooks, and sometimes tipped in the fashion of a spear.



Chicken Saber Sword
Posture 1 Like many weapons used in Xin Yi Liu He Chuan, the Jī Zhua Jian Lián can trace its roots to simple the farm tools that were allowed by the government during the years of oppression. During this time, certain communities were not allowed to own "weapons" in any form. In order to maintain the ability to defend themselves from bandits the Martial Artists mastered not only the empty hand and animal shapes of Xin Yi Liu He Chuan but also developed the forms and combative use of the farm tools they were allowed to keep.

Historically the most well known Master of the Jī Zhua Jian Lián was Yuan Fong Yi and his three famous disciples (Sang Xie Li, Yang Dian Qin, Lu SongGao). The use of this particular weapon is perserved in the Chuan Pu (written teachings commonly know as "songs") and hands on instruction of Xin Yi Liu He Chaun Masters living and teaching today.

Pose 3

Most weapons in Xin Yi Liu He Chuan have been passed down through time from travlling hermits to the old Masters and have only just begun to be seen in the western world as Xin Yi Liu He Chuan becomes more popular in todays modern world.

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Below is a link to another source of information related to this weapon.

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