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This site features information about treatment offered by Stephen in Traditional Chinese Medicine.Traditional Chinese Medicine has a proven history of practice that is longer than Western Medicine. It is difficult to find a person skilled in both Eastern and Western schools of medicine.

Stephen Yan was awarded a Bachelor of Western Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery from Shanghai Medical University after 6 years of formal and dedicated study. During his time at Shanghai Medical University, Stephen also began his studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine from a famous Chinese Folk Doctor, Dr. Wang Zhen, and Traditional Chinese Trauma Treatment  (Traumatology) from Master Ji Jin San, Master Lu Zhen Du, Master Li Zen Si and Master Li Chen Xing. After leaving medical school, now Dr.Yan, Stephen practiced medicine in the General Surgery Department of at Zhong Shan Hospital, which is a well known teaching Hospital.

After one year of busy practice, Stephen was invited to New Zealand by the Open Forum for Health Information. Stephen received support for this move from Dr. Bob Boyd, the Head of the Department of Preventative Health in New Zealand, who was seeking a Doctor trained in both Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Stephen took this opportunity to bring the essence of Chinese Culture, Martial Arts and Medical practices to New Zealand society for both cultures to enjoy and share the benefits.

In 1993, knowing that Traditional Chinese Medicine had 2000 years of knowledge to be shared with the west, Stephen began a joint venture with the Chinese Government for the production of modern herbal formulated medicines in Jiang Su province. These herbal formulations are sold as Chinza Health Corporation products.

  During 1994 Stephen was invited to be the guest vice-principle of the Suzhou Ear, Eyes, Nose and Throat Hospital. Stephen was pleased with the opportunity to contribute both his knowledge of Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine to this Hospital to increase the health of its patients and share his knowledge with the staff.

Stephen has also been asked to contribute his Chinese Medical knowledge in articles published in the New Zealand General Practitioners Magazine, and also by lecturing students at the New Zealand School Of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. When writing for and teaching other Medical Doctors, Stephen is able to explain Traditional Chinese Medicine using modern Western Medical terms and concepts.

  Currently, Stephen is practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine and teaching various Martial Arts and Chi Kung here in Wellington where he holds the Chair of The Wellington Chinese Martial Arts Association. Stephen is also an Executive member of the Open Forum for Health Information, and an Executive member of the Chinese National Bloodletting Association which is a special form of Acupuncture.

If you would like to learn more about what Traditional Chinese Medicine can do for you contact me by phone or email for an appointment. Please visit again soon for more updates!

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