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Wu style Tai-Chi.

Internal Martial Arts Books

Tai Chi book: White cover
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Taiji book: Zhang Shan Feng cover
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Tai Chi Sutras Explained in Truth
By Stephen Yan. Published by Lion Books (Taiwan) and Wu Tao Publishing (Wellington, New Zealand), (2000).
In Chinese (Mandarin).

This book is volume one of seven volumes outlining the whole Wu style system. It is a general introduction to Tai Chi, primarily about Wu style Tai Chi, but it also includes the history of the whole Tai Chi system.

Section A:
Outlines the lineage of the different generations of Tai Chi grand masters from all styles of Tai Chi. It also includes very precious, rare photographs of the masters.

Section B:
Covers the entire history of all Tai Chi styles, especially the correction of the mistake of who the founder of Tai Chi was.

Section C:
Covers all Tai Chi sutras, including some sutras which have never been published before.
This section also includes articles from Tai Chi grandmasters, from all generations, on their personal understanding of Tai Chi.

Section D:
Explains Tai Chi and its relationship to ancient Chinese philosophy and medicine. It also explains the martial applications of Tai Chi and includes photos of historic events.

Section E:
Outlines the Wu style system of Tai Chi, including sutras and movement names.

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Xing Yi book: temple background posture cover
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Xing Yi Five Elements, Fist and Weapons Explained in Truth
By Stephen Yan. Published by Lion Books (Taiwan), (2002).
In Chinese (Mandarin). 196 pages.

This is the first book in a nine volume set. This volume explains Xing Yi and it's relationship with Xing Yi Six Harmonies, including an authentic history of Xing Yi. The book is divided into four parts.

Section A:
Contains a complete explanation of Xing Yi, including the five elements, fists, forms (including weapon forms) and their applications, and the five element sutras.

Section B:
Outlines the lineage of Xing Yi masters of all styles. The section includes rare photographs of the masters.

Section C:
Covers all Xing Yi sutras, including some previously unpublished sutras. Includes articles from Xing Yi masters of all generations on their personal understanding of the art.

Section D:
Appendices, including a historically-accurate, documented account of Xing Yi.

For purchasing details, please phone or email Stephen (details below).


  • DVDs of masters of Tai Chi and Xing Yi,
  • English translations of Stephen's two books,
  • More Kung Fu websites, including Northern Shaolin and traditional Chi Gung.

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